DZT Guide Update - 21.11.2023

This update introduces several changes and additions to the Guides section of the changelog.

DZT API & Guide updates - 20.10.2023

Introducing API V2 and updated guide.

DZT DS - 18.7.2023, extend Offer.availability's cardinatlity

Offer: Extend the cardinality of schema:availability from 0-1 to 0+.

DZT Api Guide - 10.07.2023

The current domain specification list and all domain specifications were added as a dedicated category.

DZT DS - 30.6.2023, extend hasMap's cardinality

POI: Extend the cardinality of schema:hasMap from 0-1 to 0+.

DZT DS - 09.03.2023, Bugfix ImageObject language

Bug fix: odta:ImageObject has too restrictive properties regarding language acceptance.

DZT Api Guide - 27.02.2023

  • added API and user guide for geo enrichment service
  • added API and user guide for geo linking service
  • added experimental bulk upsert service to API spec
  • added V2 query API

DZT DS - 13.02.2023, Bugfix copyrightHolder

Bug fix: odta ImageObject.copyrightHolder is missing range Person

DZT Api Guide - 20.01.2023

Update des API Guide und der API Referenzen

DZT DS - 11.1.2023, add schema:email to Organization DS

Bug-report intern: The Organization DS is missing an email property!