Geo Enrichment

This service provides three functionalities

  1. Normalising postal address information based on Open Street Map
  2. Enriching missing geo coordinate or postal address
  3. Enrich a link to the What Three Word map based on geo coordinates.

The services are tailored for classes and properties and are domain specification aware, which means that the DS of an object is inspected to see if any geo enrichment information is available .


The service uses an existing postal address information in the data to search in Open Street Map for the normalised representation.

Currently, the service only considers the information attached to schema:PostalAddressobjects

Enriching missing information

This service can query Open Street Map for the postal address for a given latitude longitude pair, or vice versa, and then add the missing information to the data.

The default setup is for objects of type schema:Placewhich have either a schema:address or schema:geo property.

What Three Words maps

This service queries the what three words services for a given latitude and longitude and adds the resulting information to the schema:hasMap property